Everything Is On The Record provides individual and group sessions for:

- Pro and College Sports Teams and Individual Athletes
- Pro and College Coaches
- Pro and College Front Office Executives & Administrators
- Former Athletes Who Work as Broadcasters
- CEO’s/Corporate Executives
- Non-Profit Organizations
- Government Agencies
- Hollywood film directors and actors preparing for press junkets 

Customized sessions include the following:

  • An overview of today’s Digital Media environment
  • Vivid examples of success and failure with social media
  • Tips to help you give a great interview
  • How to determine and prepare your key messages
  • Developing stories that stick and break through the clutter
  • How to build rapport with the media and be at your best during interviews
  • Media do’s and don’ts
  • How to manage difficult situations
  • Examples of real world successes and failures with the media
  • How to effectively communicate your brand
  • How to navigate the tricky waters of social media
  • Tips on using social media as a tool that will benefit your personal brand and the brands of your team, company and partners
  • Recognizing and strategizing around your non-verbal communicators
  • What to do in a crisis
  • Mock on-camera interviews and press conferences
  • Video clips of mock on-camera interviews
  • Post-training monitoring and feedback

Whether you’re an athlete, coach, politician, CEO, corporate spokesperson or Hollywood film director or actor, we’ll show you how to communicate effectively with the masses in today’s world of citizen journalism where everything is on the record.

And just like any great coach, we’ll help you practice your new skills, and we’ll be there to provide constructive feedback every step of the way.

We typically conduct half-day and full-day media training sessions with our clients. We are happy to work with you to put together a package that best suits your needs. Contact us today and we can quote you a rate based on your specific needs.

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